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04-02-2006 19:03:41

Is it me or can I not cancel my subscription to them? I have attempted to contact customer representative and I have yet to receive a reply. I have tried to change my billing information so they do not bill me, but a screen pops up and closes instantly. What am I to do?


04-02-2006 19:16:09

Please use the Search at the top. There TONS of threads about this offer and it has been proven to be scamtastic.


05-02-2006 09:06:32

As a quick reply....

A. Dont talk about the 'C' word of course....
B. It was supposed to be instant credit for me but took about 12 days.


05-02-2006 09:27:17

I think you can talk about the C word when an offer sucks that badly.


05-02-2006 09:50:00

[quote8cc2f4da26="zbalz"]As a quick reply....

A. Dont talk about the 'C' word of course....
B. It was supposed to be instant credit for me but took about 12 days.[/quote8cc2f4da26]

Instantcast is KNOWN for scamming people out of their hard earned money by ignore cancellation calls and emails. General evasion tactics. All they care about is being able to CHARGE YOUR CARD.

I send a fuck you in the general direction of instantcast.


05-02-2006 09:52:38

Here's the deal with instantcast.

I've done it myself, I've had immediate family members do it, and I've had various refs do it - it works but it is very sketchy. It is sketchy because in order to contact customer support, you have to call the number they give you on the site, leave a message, and wait for a call back with the REAL number that will work instantly with little wait to contact customer support for your personal reasons. The problem is that the 4 day trial means they don't give you much time to get that real number to make changes to your account if necessary and they charge you a ton of $ after the trial period if you're still a member.

I have the real customer support number and would be glad to post it for you all so you don't get scammed by this offer and can do it and get credit for it as you should be able to, but it is against the rules. Personally I believe that this action on my part should be allowed only because the offer has apparently scammed so many people because they were unable to get ahold of the number. With a Mod's consent, I'll do it and you can all use instantcast. Without it, goodluck, my friends.

EDIT Could justification for posting the number be that it is just a general customer support number and can be used for various purposes other than the purpose we are not allowed to mention? Surely that kind of help would be partially what this forum is meant for? Let me know )


05-02-2006 16:11:26

I just filed a dispute on the charge with Citibank after no response to my message left on their voicemail (which was during their business hours). Hopefully the dispute will work, but maybe I should call that "real" number and work it out myself. Please post it because I need it. )


05-02-2006 16:18:27

I found hte real number on


05-02-2006 22:23:35

What is the best approach I should take to get a refund as I am sure that I will not be able to contact their "customer representative" in time. I am thinking of disputing this payment with my credit card company, but are there any other alternatives I can take? Also, can anyone provide me with information regarding offers like Instantcast that are illegitimate?