VideoProfessor - Not Available In My State?

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03-02-2006 21:17:42

Hey guys and gals,

I just have a quick question about the Video Professor offer, everytime I try to sign up, and I fill in my shipping address for the CD's--my state is not listed in the drop-down menu. Does this mean I cannot complete this offer? Any help is appreciated!


03-02-2006 21:49:14

Where do you live?


03-02-2006 22:05:57



03-02-2006 23:17:00

Meh, I live in Wisconsin too. I had that problem with another offer, I think. I remeber I did the VideoProfessor online, and since they don't send you anything, I gave them my address, but a zipcode in Texas. )


04-02-2006 07:39:59

Oh, so I would still get credit even if I use a phony zip?


04-02-2006 08:45:07

[quote09e7d8f211="imateapot"]Oh, so I would still get credit even if I use a phony zip?[/quote09e7d8f211]Not if its the one where they ship cds (well, you might, but someone else would get the cds and youd get billed $70 without getting anything)


04-02-2006 09:02:50

Unless you use ePassporte.


04-02-2006 09:36:15

Which would be fraud.