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03-02-2006 14:01:48

The 20" Viewsonic LCD TV looks nice, but I have a question.. Is it HDTV or "HD-Ready" also if someone could explain the difference between HDTV and HD-Ready I would like to know..

Here is why I ask.. So I put [b1ca12708df]Viewsonic 20" N2010 Silver LCD TV[/b1ca12708df] in ebay.. and some of them mention nothing about HDTV or anything, which I assumed it wasn't, but then a few of them say it is an HDTV or "HD-Ready"... I also noticed that the ones claiming HD-Ready status were about $100-$150 more on average... so it is possible they are different TV's... but .. why would they both be listed as "N2010".. it seems like that would be one model and then if there was a different "HD-Ready" model it would get a different model number.

Also, Jake, if you read this... is there any chance that if they are different TV's and the HD-Ready costs like 100 - 150 more would freepay do a custom order with me and let me do 10 or 11 referrals and get the HD-Ready version?



03-02-2006 14:27:49

“HD-ready” just means that the television doesn’t have an over-the-air (OTA) tuner built-in. This doesn’t matter to most people; at best, you’d get 3-4 channels in HD over-the-air, and you probably plan to subscribe to a cable or satellite provider anyway. The boxes cable and satellite providers give you function as tuners, so you don’t really need a built-in tuner.


03-02-2006 15:47:27

so is the tv freepay is offering HD? and if yes is it 1080i? I think they would mention it is HD or HD-Ready if it was.


03-02-2006 15:52:35