when do i get it?

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03-02-2006 13:49:52

I finished my freeipods requirements in DECEMBER and am still waiting to be approved. Its been over a month now, way more than the 7-10 business days they claim. I've submitted a ticket twice but I get the same patronizing answer saying its taking us a long time appreciate your damn patience. When on earth will I actually get it? And if there IS a problem will I have to fix it and then wait ANOTHER month or more? Is there any way I can actually talk to these guys so that I get a proper answer instead of this blanket statement they apparently give everyone?

Thanks yall


03-02-2006 14:45:12


You can try PM'ing Jake on this board, he helps out a lot when he can. I don't know why it would take so long... Do you have any sketchy referrals? Did you do everything by the book and get legitimate referrals. If so, then you have nothing to worry about in terms of being placed on hold, but it usually does not take that long to get approved. Finally, this may seem obvious, but after you get all your referrals, you have to actually request approval, I had a friend who kept complaining, but he hadn't even requested approval, he was just waiting after he got his offers. Good luck.