Flatscreen peeps who were looking forward to a TV

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02-02-2006 15:22:11

Hey I was just wondering if there was anybody out there on Freepay's flatscreen site that was looking forward to the WEGA like me? Now that there are no more large format TVs on the site, what do you plan on getting instead? I thought it might be a good idea to get the highest priced LCD and then eBay it to get money to buy the WEGA. It just seems like knod of a pain, and with all the work I've done getting these referrals I'm not looking forward to more work trying to sell it. Which LCD is the most valuable? Does anybody have any other ideas on this or know if Freepay will possibly make an exception and still give the WEGA to a few of us? From what Jake has said it sounds like there will be no more CRTs on the site, so chances are anything new that is added will be under 20". Major bummer. Help!


02-02-2006 15:28:17

i like the 20" viewsonic. Dual 20" lcd/tvs would be sick


02-02-2006 16:39:11

I am just going to kill myself ?


02-02-2006 16:43:31

Jake said that they were took of the wega bc sony was going to discontinue the model soon, so hopefully a newer model or something comprable will be added.


02-02-2006 16:49:58

he said they are staying away from CRT.


02-02-2006 18:23:37

CRT? I meant like a comprable Sony TV.


02-02-2006 19:52:10

that sucks I really wanted a flatscreen tv.
Gooid thing I didn't get any refs of do a offer on it yet


03-02-2006 07:20:24

[quote1b5b85e702="Aprout"]CRT? I meant like a comprable Sony TV.[/quote1b5b85e702]

Cathode Ray Tube - aka your 'traditional' television. As you can all tell, they won't be around much longer because the LCDs/plasmas are taking over. Hence, why we aren't carrying CRTs anymore.

We are only going to have LCDs on the site from now on. Large size LCDs are far too expensive for us to give away on an 8 referral basis so we are sticking to smaller ones.


03-02-2006 09:34:26

wish i would of waited......oh well i still like my sony, as it stares angrily at me.


03-02-2006 09:54:34

I'm not sure I would say CRTs are dead, otherwise companies like Sony wouldn't be releasing new ones (like the one replacing the old 27" WEGA that comes out this month). I really think there is still quite a demand for them, if just for the fact that it's still the cheapest way to get a large TV. But I don't run the site, so I guess I'll just have to stick to what they offer. Does anyone know which LCD would go for the most money on eBay?


03-02-2006 10:47:09

They may not be dead yet, but they will be in the near future. Go to best buy and see how many CRT's they are selling.


03-02-2006 12:01:12

hey jake, will you guys ever have a tv site?.. good ones with around 15-20 refs max..