any1 got approved for xbox360 or ps3 lately?

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02-02-2006 11:50:05

i sumbited my ps3 a week ago and xbox today for approval...dunno how long it will take for me to get approved.....


02-02-2006 12:18:47

Not me, but I bet the really nice moderators will lock this post.


02-02-2006 12:21:25

i think they aren't approving ps3 accoutns anymore
or so i think i've heard, anyone can verify this?


02-02-2006 12:54:43

I was approved for PS3 on Jan 18. I submitted for approval on Dec. 14...


02-02-2006 14:49:54

I submitted for approval on the PS3 site 2 days ago. I have yet to be approved.

I hope it doesn't take a month.

Alien Zulu

02-02-2006 17:31:21

approved for xbox 360 on jan 18th about 1 week after submitting