How long does it take that your refs StatuS changed green

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02-02-2006 11:37:49

Hey Guys
i'ver got a Problem i have 2 refs wich join both the same offer and theire status did not change in green ;( They have maked this offer in the begining in january! My question is how long does it take that the ref Status in USA change in a green Status! In germany it took a very long time! Mostely over 20 DAYS! For people who would like to know wich offer the 2 refs maked! Both make the Offer from "USENEXT"
I hope you can help me

your sincerly B45t3L


02-02-2006 17:17:25

i usually wait a month. then send a support ticket. but of course, i have no idea when my refs do thier offer......... but i think a month is about the time. i usually get credit within a a deviation of 5 minutes to 10 business days


03-02-2006 10:36:04

i have said my refs that they write the support ! I hope they get a fast answer! I want my IPOD!
A other weustion can the support change my Ipod in a PSP ??


03-02-2006 12:33:35

I thought you could send a help ticket after 15 business days.