CompleteHome Manual Credit, Funny Response

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31-01-2006 17:13:23

Hey I requested manual credit for CompleteHome this morning after waiting the 15 days from the confirmation email and received this response

[quote6b9908272d]We show that your account has been credited for the required offer. This will be indicated in the Check Status section of our website. Thank you[/quote6b9908272d]

Funny thing is, it is NOT showing up as credited under my 'Check Status' section of the website. I know whom also requested credit and they have the same error. Similarly, I've seen random posts with this issue but never a definitive response of what it means. (I contacted support and am awaiting a response).

Anyone know why it is still not shown as credited for me or for the person whom referred me? Anyone have this issue before? If so, how long until you actually went green?


31-01-2006 18:26:11

Happened to my referrals and I for I submitted anoter support ticket saying that but I think it greened before they even responded. It might take a while to refresh on their servers? dunno


01-02-2006 00:48:05

I have the same thing going on one of my accounts, it's been a day and a half now.

"Your account has been credited. If you do not see the credit immediately, do not fret, sometimes there is a delay in manual credits as well. Rest assured, you will see the credit appear on your account shortly. Thank you."