Where is my giftcard! Shipped the 26th

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31-01-2006 16:47:33

Where is my giftcard. It has been shipped since the 26th and I have still yet to recieve anything. Email doesnt take that long


31-01-2006 17:27:33

i'm a bit concerned too... i have 4 refs (one green pending from a trade)... so WTF, why is it taking so long? Jacob, where art thou?


01-02-2006 12:01:09

get it yet?


01-02-2006 12:04:03

Contact me here and I'll get it resolved.


01-02-2006 12:20:15

I sent you 2 pms. One on the 30th and one today


01-02-2006 18:51:51

[quotefbc92fd74d="ffactoryxx"]I sent you 2 pms. One on the 30th and one today[/quotefbc92fd74d]

i sent him a few PM's over a couple of months he is praobr eally busy takes a while for him to get thru all the PM's i was juss patient


02-02-2006 13:39:17

Hey i had the same problem but I got my certificate now.

Here is what you need to do,
go to giftcertificates.com and go to the contact page

Send them an email and and give them your name

I did that and they told me that they had already emailed it but that it was undeliverable( I dont know how)
Than I gave them another email address and I got my certificate after like an hour or two.

Try that