Continuation of my previous post that was locked

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31-01-2006 13:25:34

I thought I had a point that might actually help out. I don't really see how it hurts to have another one of those posts either. You don't have to read it.


31-01-2006 13:29:13

hmmm are u serious right now why would you create another thread after i lock the first thread


31-01-2006 13:31:51

maybe you thought that i locked it so you can create a new thread cause thats what people are supposed to do when a mod locks there thread


31-01-2006 13:32:50

Maybe he didn't read your title carefully enough


31-01-2006 13:34:17

i guess not but since he runs a forum i would expect him to atleast know when someone locks a thread you dont create a new one its common sense


31-01-2006 13:34:30

I just didn't think it was the same as all the other 360 complaining threads. I also had a suggestion that I thought might be useful to someone like Jake.


31-01-2006 13:36:17

if you would have read the other threads people have said that they would like to know what place in line that they are in so this is not a new suggestion at all. The only reason you arent banned right now is cause i am in a good mood. im about to lock this thread dont create another one.


31-01-2006 13:36:38

I would prefer Freepay spending their time GETTING Xbox360's rather than spending their time making a numbering system...