Nintendo Revolution

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30-01-2006 09:41:22

Does anyone have a clue as to when the Revolution site will be up? It's common knowledge that it'll be priced low, around the 200 dollar range and when it'll be released...springish of this year.

We all know that the ps3 site is up....which is ironic because....

A. We dont even know the GENERAL pricing.
B. Will it have blue-ray or not? That's more money for the system if it does.
C. When the hell it'll be released!?

And since the revolution is around 200, I'd expect it to be 5 refs. Which would be nice D


30-01-2006 09:52:27

do you really think they want to deal with another system launch after the xbox 360 fiasco? Much less, will anyone want to go through them isntead of one of the other companies that got xbox 360's out and/or is now offering money instead?


30-01-2006 10:06:42

Have you EVER seen a shortage of nintendo products?

I didnt think so.


30-01-2006 10:13:04

I'm hoping one of the new TRAINN sites is for the Revolution


30-01-2006 10:14:11

[quoteb48736bbb8="chazmann"]Have you EVER seen a shortage of nintendo products?

I didnt think so.[/quoteb48736bbb8]
There has to be demand for a product to actually get to a shortage lol


30-01-2006 10:26:19

dude it wont be released untill november of this year at the earliest. I wouldnt be surprised if nintendo delays it to "springish" of next year


30-01-2006 10:26:24

There probably won't be a shortage of Nintendo products.

Usually, their product parts are very high yield, so it is easy for them to find manufacturers.


30-01-2006 10:29:01

yeah I agree if this was revolution instead of 360 we'd all have them by now

nintendo is good, they wont yank us around for 5 months