360 shortage effect on FreePay's plan for PS3's

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29-01-2006 11:46:00

Will the X-Box 360 fiasco cause FreePay to pre-order a bunch of PS3's, so this doesn't happen for those?


29-01-2006 11:47:04

I really doubt it, because they did the same thing with PSPs. Granted, there is more of a demand for the 360s than there was for PSPs.


29-01-2006 12:24:15

I really hope they do pre order the ps3s =]


29-01-2006 13:08:45

The issue has less to do with Freepay pre-ordering than with manufacturing capacity.


29-01-2006 13:42:25

And it's not like they just go pre-order them from BestBuy. Jake has said they had a few vendors lined up to fufill orders, but the vendors were unable to fill them. It all stems from the manufactering delays.


29-01-2006 14:26:16

Well, look at it this way.

You have to understand that both the Xbox 360 and PS3 parts are very low yield. These parts take a lot of time to manufacture and testing. Plus, since the demand is so high, it runs into risk for some faulty units, which in the past, PS2 and Xbox had.