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29-01-2006 00:29:25

I am visiting my sister who lives in a different state.I want her to sign up my is it okay if I check my freepay page from her home and she signs up from the same IP address ? or wud this cause a problem


29-01-2006 07:48:35

Was it just because I'm a big nerd, or did other people click on the thread because they thought it was about Slashdot somehow?

I'm not sure how extensive their IP tracking is, but they have very strict rules against "walking a referral through"...and I think if they did notice that you signed in just before someone signed up at the same address then it might raise some flags...I don't know...


29-01-2006 08:19:00

You should be ok, because you need to get your ref link some how. If it does create a problem Jake should be able to fix it for you.