Freepay Gaming system Needs an Update?

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28-01-2006 12:48:00

After the good job of new gifts on flatscreens/digitalcamera, and current work on pcs, do you think freepay will change gamingsystem's gifts too?

Those items on there are simply... not worth it. I see gameboy micro value packs on ebay for $75 new! For 4 referals, it should be around a $200 gift right? Any ideas on how to do this, since there are no more gaming systems worth that amount?


28-01-2006 13:26:20

what are they going to put in there?


28-01-2006 13:30:40

They could probably lower the referral amount. Or replace them with video game system bundles, that come with extra games, accessories, etc.


28-01-2006 14:15:14

I'd say, add gift certs to like Gamestop / EB or something like that.


28-01-2006 15:11:07

They wouldn't give gift certificates.. because they already have a GiftCard website (that only gives SuperCertificates). I like the idea of having a bundle with it (like the Nintendo DS that they offer - they can include a free game with it like Mario Kart DS with the Wireless adapter..)