Newbie Question

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12-11-2004 11:56:23

I just registered for this site and it seems very informative with knowledgable users from what can I see. I just have a couple of questions and if they have been asked before, please just bear with me.

I was wondering what all the Statuses actually mean. Like, what does Processing really mean? Send to vendor? etc...

Also, after having your referrals approved and being able to place your order, is there still a chance of your account being put on hold?

Thanks in advance.


12-11-2004 12:10:41

okay processing means that your order is still in gratis' hands, ie they havent sent anything out concerning your order. when your status updates to STV(sent to vender), it its supposed to mean that gratis has placed your order with one of their distributors and it is now on them to either ship or recieve their payment from gratis for your item. when your status updated to shipped, you will be given a unique tracking number for either fedex or UPS so you can watch your ipod slowly move closer and closer to its new home.

and as far as your other question goes, ive seen just recently, a handful of people's accounts have gone on hold while they were STV for no apparrent reason. Gratis holds the rights to put you on hold at any time. they dont even neeed to tell you why