Giftcards shipped on the where?

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27-01-2006 16:02:54

I just finished Giftcards.Freepay and it only took 1 day to get approved, STV, and shipped. It went shipped on the 25th...but where is it sending it too? Am I gonna recieve it in regular mail or through email (which I haven't gotten yet)


27-01-2006 16:08:34

email i think.


27-01-2006 17:08:03

it comes in the email u used to register with freepay/confirmed. They need your shipping address to send you the t-shirt... I think


27-01-2006 20:45:50

mine went to shipped the 26th at 230 and i havent gotten it either my friend got his through his e-mail before it even said that it was shipped they must just be working slow or somthing im glad to hear that im not the only one not recieveing it at the moment


28-01-2006 13:40:12

yes. Mine shipped the 26th and still nothing


28-01-2006 15:37:05

[quote2319e1dec2="ffactoryxx"]yes. Mine shippwd the 2th and still nothing[/quote2319e1dec2]
so many errors................ AHHHHH!!!


29-01-2006 11:04:18

Mine shipped the 24 or 25 and I still have not received anything.