Problems accessing freepay website?

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27-01-2006 10:23:32

Is anyone else have problems accessing freepay website (1.30pm EST)?

I have no problem accessing, but when I click on any of the products to go to the subdomains, e.g.,, etc. I get ´page cannot be displayed´error.

It´s bad enough that I can´t access their site normally on my Mac (I get a recurring redirect problem on both IE and Safari and all freepay sites are inaccessible), but now I can´t access it from the internet cafe on a PC either!

Is the site down or am I just unlucky?


27-01-2006 10:27:40

That's odd. It's the opposite for me. isn't responding, but all the subdomains are. Try typing one in directly.

Also, I'd be careful about logging into your accounts from an internet cafe. In fact, I wouldn't do it at all. They may see you logging in from IPs that could have several Freepay accounts already and put your account on hold. Just a friendly warning.