ipods.freepay.com != ipodnanos.freepay.com?

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27-01-2006 05:08:06

So is it possible to get 2 nanos? Or will each of these count as 1 site.


27-01-2006 05:28:30

You can get two.

However, why not just get a video instead?


27-01-2006 07:11:21

if you want two nanos get the freepay one and then get one through TRainn


27-01-2006 07:58:15

Well you can get a nano from ipodnanos.freepay and you can get a nano from ipods.freepay (you can select it, personally, I'd want to get th 30gb video over a nano)

So really, between trainn and freepay, you can get 3 nanos.