new sites opened to uk and Germany

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26-01-2006 16:22:01


Due to the overwhelming response we've had in UK and Germany, we have now launched 5 new sites with opportunities to get the latest and hottest products using FreePay . UK customers can now claim their FREE Xbox360 (premium edition) or 150 Gift Voucher redeemable at 100s of stores. German customers can claim their FREE Sony PSP or Xbox 360 (premium edition) or Laptop PC! Watch this space for new site launch announcements, as we have lots more in the works...


26-01-2006 16:24:05

I guess that German guy's prayer was answered.


26-01-2006 16:25:12

5 new sites? I am only counting 4.


26-01-2006 16:26:06

It's 5.

UK Xbox 360, Gift voucher
Germany Xbox 360, PSP, Laptop


26-01-2006 16:28:37

i was hoping they would open flatscreens. Then i have more potential for finding refs )


26-01-2006 16:40:45

/me looks for german forum to ask for psp refs. lol


26-01-2006 19:47:34

ROFL if Americans cant get their X-Boxes until March, how many years will it take for people in England?

X-Box 1080 will be out by then.


26-01-2006 20:38:03

lol No kidding, I would recommend you Europeans not pursue that site right now P


26-01-2006 23:48:54

wtf about new sites for Canada???


27-01-2006 13:58:33

[quoted769410c8e="tylerc"]lol No kidding, I would recommend you Europeans not pursue that site right now P[/quoted769410c8e]

Stores over here have 360's in stock, so if they were smart and used local vendors, we might get them without too much of a wait?

EDIT Why no PSP site for UK? This sucks monkey balls.


27-01-2006 14:01:00

is this to canada as well?