question about past account being on hold

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26-01-2006 13:33:58

I have couple different things going with gratis right now. all fully legit. But I just remembered that about a year ago, I had signed up for freegamingsystems. When i did that i had signed up for it at work. I had a co-worker sign up for it work as well. Then out home I had my fiance (girlfriend at the time) sign up, and the neighbor sign up. Problem was two parts. one was that myself and the co-worker were behind the same router. And the other was that the neighbors address is identicle except for the b added to the house number in the mailing address.

I have no problems with that account being on hold, and I know understand why and I'm ok with that. I just want to make sure that it's not going to affect my current account. Is this something that can be checked? I don't want to go through the effort just to have that past account put me on hold. I am now using a different email address and my address is different buy my name is still the same as well as my credit card number.

Is something that the infamous "Jake" can look into? As of now I have no refferals on any of my freepay sites. Basically because I am trying to advertise on the net, instead of people close to me. And that's a pain in itself.


26-01-2006 13:36:48

Yeah I would ask Jake because it does say in the TOS that if you have an account on hold, all of your accounts will be on hold.

[quoteb170f84138](h) Any user who has his or her account placed on hold may not create another account on any of the Gratis Internet websites. All parties residing at the same physical address as a user on hold will be affected by this mandate and thus, will also be placed on hold indefinitely.[/quoteb170f84138]


26-01-2006 13:52:23

Do I just pm him or start a thread with his name in the title? I don't want to annoy him.


26-01-2006 13:56:18

i'd pm him first


26-01-2006 14:01:08

yup, I just sent him a pm. I hope it doesn't affect me, but it be nice to know if it does now, before I go through all the leg work.


26-01-2006 14:07:48

And also you would want to remove the ref links before you get put on hold not only on Freepay but here too P


26-01-2006 14:11:38

thanks, good looking out. I put them there as a habit. It's my signature on all other boards.

This problem is stressing me out. I think I'm going to try a different offer place other then freeplay as well. Probably push that one more since I have feeling freepay just doesn't like me very much ^(


27-01-2006 06:23:04

What is the another good site forthe xbox 360? I know there are tons of them but I want to do one that will also put me on an automated conga. I don't mind waiting forever since the xbox 360's aren't in stock anywhere any way. I want to have a second deal going with someone else other then freeplay in case they do decide to put me on hold.


27-01-2006 06:35:46

I have no idea what you mean by an automated conga, but I would say check out Trainn's site.


Also, it's called Freepay for semantics sake...



30-01-2006 14:27:23

jake got back to me. Looks like he said to try it, but couldn't promise anything. So I'm going to buy my efforts into another vendor. Sucks, freepay seems to be the best.

I'll probably try the site.

Thanks guys