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26-01-2006 13:27:05

I signed up on the 11th, never got e-mail from Poker Expert.

It's been past 7 days and they haven't charged my credit card yet for $30. What does this mean? I have tried to login the site with the username and password I created but I can't.

Did it reject my cc and not let me join their service?

Edit I never got credited.


26-01-2006 14:24:05

did you ever get creidt?

Eric P

26-01-2006 14:33:00

pokerexpert is hard. i've read a lot of people cancel through email and still get charged. pm me for details on what I've researched.


26-01-2006 14:37:06

did he ever get credited on freepay, though?!


26-01-2006 14:47:15

i thought poker expert was easy, you have to note the time that you sign up though, cause on that 7th day at 1 minute past the time you signed up they will charge you.


26-01-2006 15:02:21


Eric P

26-01-2006 15:11:30

yes i have, almost as fast as my video professor which was an hour later from when i signed up.


26-01-2006 15:22:45

Just did that offer. No instant credit.

We'll see.

Why is there another topic?


26-01-2006 15:29:44

it's just odd... because some people say it's instant (like Eric P) and some aren't (like Sonic) so i'm trying to find out which one is happening more often


26-01-2006 15:32:11

Yeah I understand. Just be patient.

My longest green from a referral was 2 1/2 months. I've been through a lot.


26-01-2006 15:40:39

Same thing happened to me. I heard for that site you can't use a debit card, I THINK! I was using my check/debit card and it wouldn't work for me. It is the billing service because Repocar runs through the same one and that won't let me sign up either. I never get a confirmation e-mail AND I can never log in. I feel bad too because even though I haven't gotten charged, I filled in my credit card info. I just don't know what happened to it.


26-01-2006 15:50:57

i did it with my credit/debit card, it greened very quickly, one of my refs did it too, also with his credit/debit card, he greened by the next day.


26-01-2006 15:57:43

That's weird. I guess it just works for some people and for some people it doesn't. Only way to find out is to try it yourself. Personally, it sucked for me.


26-01-2006 15:59:33

I used my Paypal credit card (the one for online use)


26-01-2006 16:13:24

shaggy did you use an actuall CC or a debit card?


26-01-2006 16:15:31

I use my debit card.

Usually, offers like these credit better on Trainn sites for some reason.


26-01-2006 17:55:42

[quote0d144cf3af="SonicPower"]Just did that offer. No instant credit.

We'll see.

[b0d144cf3af]Why is there another topic?[/b0d144cf3af][/quote0d144cf3af]

not everyone likes to use the SEARCH button. wink

for me, i got credit in a little more than a week, so its actually not bad for a $1 offer.


26-01-2006 18:12:47

[quoteba76a9df4a="silentsteel420"]shaggy did you use an actuall CC or a debit card?[/quoteba76a9df4a]

i don't know what its called. Its my bank of america debit card, it has the vias logo on it and I can use it at the atm too. I can use it as either a credit or a debit card.


26-01-2006 19:29:41

I had good luck with this. Credited in one day.

Eric P

26-01-2006 20:50:48

Let's say you didn't like the service. Canceling the service is HARD because you need a phone number that is completely random from the website. I heard emailing doesn't work well.

(Not as a walkthrough just stating my opinion)


26-01-2006 20:56:04

PokerExpert was one of the easiest offers I've done. I don't know why you guys are getting such a hard time crediting.