Why is Freepay taking so long to credit?

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26-01-2006 02:54:20

I have two referrals who did offers and they haven't turned green yet. One did the Columbia House offer and it said it would credit in 4-7 days. Its now been 12. I'm a little early about the other one. He did the stamps.com offer and it said 1-3 days. I'll wait a few more days for that one though. I just thought that Freepay was the best about crediting. Are they being slow for anybody else?


26-01-2006 06:28:28

Yeah I've done 2 offers for other members here, one 16 days ago & the other 11...so you're not the only one.


26-01-2006 07:25:32

tell me about it. I thought it was a matter of them having something against me. I'm waiting on 3 offers to credit for over a week and a half. ultraburn is just horrible in and of itself so I don't attribute that to freepay, but the others have no such excuse.


26-01-2006 07:28:03

I signed up for 2 offers on ps3.freepay on accident over a week ago and still haven't greend yet. Rhapsody and Complete Home. You'd think one of em would've gone through by now x


26-01-2006 07:32:27

complete home is one of mine too. i have the confirmation email from them at least though. rhapsody never credited for me last offer i did though. I ended up getting credit manually with the email confirmation. what a pain. is freepay able to contact these companies and ask what's up?


26-01-2006 07:53:46

It's official; ultraburn is horrible. I called to cancel with the reason being that they are hard to get in touch with, do not respond to email and do not keep their promises of sending invoices when they say they will over the phone. The customer service rep LAUGHED AT ME! I told her that the laughter on the other end of the phone further enforces my lack of confidence in their company and product and she only laughed more. I figured I'd get a response like "I'm sorry sir, if I can get you a confirmation email can we still keep your membership active?!" apparently they've got enough people buying their product and don't care about actually keeping customers that have issues. Horrible offer!

Eric P

27-01-2006 12:29:46

I'm in the same boat. ALL my accounts pcs, premium, and digicam as well as my gf's ipod and digicam have yet to be credited. Maybe gratis employees took a vacation to tijuana or fiji or something. Weather sux in chicago btw.


27-01-2006 12:38:46

that makes me feel better. I thought I'd been doing something wrong. so much for instant credits anymore.


27-01-2006 12:43:12

Tramahound, have you read the rules? If not, I suggest you do. Gracias!


27-01-2006 12:48:57

Went green today! Not sure for wich one but doesn't matter anymore D


27-01-2006 13:02:58

[quoteb41c109803="Veek"]Tramahound, have you read the rules? If not, I suggest you do. Gracias![/quoteb41c109803]
I misunderstood the rules, I thought there was no talk in regards to cancelling when trying to scam an offer. I was explaining my cancellation due to the company being negligent, insulting and rude which then led to me cancelling for personal reasons. Sorry for the slip up.


27-01-2006 15:21:30

i think freepay is busy to credit people on time for the last few freebies i've done for freepay i had to request manual credit and it takes forever ...

Eric P

30-01-2006 16:18:33

and they are updating sites... but I wish they could update credits this week.


30-01-2006 19:52:27

ya i'm still waiting for one of my refs to turn green, be a week on wednesday, supposed to credit in 1-3 days.


30-01-2006 21:46:08

OMG the C word! shock


31-01-2006 02:44:21

im waiting on AOL MusicNow to go green...its now been 18 days


31-01-2006 08:25:39

Relax people! You are getting something for damn near FREE! And more often than not it is an issue with the offer sites when someone doesn't get credit. Freepay has to wait on the sites to get a response on their signups.

Some clearly credit very quickly (i.e. videoprofessor) and some are terrible (i.e. completehome, instantcast) and some are 'hit or miss' on crediting quickly (i.e. connections) Its really just what your referrals decided to sign up for.


31-01-2006 10:44:51

I'm there to, been waiting for 3 credits for about 2 weeks now.


31-01-2006 11:41:30

im still waiting for digitalcamers.freepay im have to request manual credit in a couple weeks im 15 out of 10 referrals


02-02-2006 03:40:34

hmmm my FlyCell is taking long to credit........... ? ( cry


02-02-2006 14:12:38

its hard to say i guess freepay is proab really busy


06-02-2006 12:07:18

[quoted1a1682240="tsanghan"]im still waiting for digitalcamers.freepay im have to request manual credit in a couple weeks im 15 out of 10 referrals[/quoted1a1682240]

yeah im waitin for digitalcameras too...the offer I did, involved having something shipped to me and I already recieved the package..I'm guessing freepay is just busy..

I'm still somewhat new to the freebie scene but one thing I do know is if you become impatient it'll just make things even worse..