360 site updated

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25-01-2006 08:46:23

Mods, feel free to lock this thread, just felt people should get the final confirmation

From http//xbox360s.freepay.com/Faqs.aspx

[quotede33bf03a0]Due to Microsoft's extremely limited supply of the Xbox 360's, we are unable to fulfill our customer's Xbox 360 orders until the late February - March 2006 timeframe. We apologize for this inconvenience and thank you for you continued patience, while we continue to work hard to fulfill your orders as soon as possible. [/quotede33bf03a0]

bummer cry


25-01-2006 09:12:41

poooooop, oh well


25-01-2006 09:28:51

yea i saw that this morning

bummer but what can you do


25-01-2006 10:08:16

Shoulda gone with Trainn...oh well. (