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24-01-2006 12:19:19

I know there are other threads with this issue, but i thought this was interesting.

Well, its almost been my 15 days of waiting for this offer (1/12 signup) along with 3 of my referrals. I requested the free $20 giftcard from lowes a while ago, about 3 days after i signed up for trial, not expecting to see them for months.

They came in the mail today! [i911492dd9f]Before I even received credit for completing the offer![/i911492dd9f] LOL!

This happen to anyone else?

CompleteHome = TERRIBLE Crediting....

At least I got some giftcards out of it. Heh.


24-01-2006 12:44:34

i never got my gift card...all i got was bunch of online discout coupons and stuff like gift card. bummer.....

btw...i had to request manual credit and it took me a total of 'bout 20 days or so....really sucked


24-01-2006 13:29:39

Yeah, I requested for manual credit today...not sure if I received anything from them yet though. CompleteHome does indeed take time.


24-01-2006 14:54:55

I got my giftcards yesterday and I'm about to request manual crediting today.


24-01-2006 16:21:14

Where is the form to request the lowes card? I cant find it.


24-01-2006 16:35:51

[quotec6e8a59459="igneous"]Where is the form to request the lowes card? I cant find it.[/quotec6e8a59459]

They should've emailed you the link for it.