PS3 launch shortages?

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24-01-2006 10:13:20

By the numbers

PS2 [be627ea4e53]500,000[/be627ea4e53]
XBOX360 [be627ea4e53]600,000[/be627ea4e53]
PS3 rumored to launch with [be627ea4e53]1 million [/be627ea4e53]in the US
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What do you guys think...will we be waiting on our "free" PS3 later this year?[/sizee627ea4e53]

I am wondering if I should preorder one and just sell my freepay PS3 when I get it.


24-01-2006 10:22:36

yes, you will be waiting. Probably months )

free stuff = waiting


24-01-2006 10:30:28

just wondering...I have never been in the 1st batch (finished quickly) of people b4. I usually start site well after product drops. I gather all sites (not just consoles) = you will wait even if you are in the 1st batch. correct?


24-01-2006 10:38:44

Based on the 360 results, if you want it fast, I'd recommend going with Trainn.