Long Wait for Credit *Not Important just ranting/venting*

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24-01-2006 09:54:56

Haaaa liscreamingli it's taking forever to get credit for my offer on freepay, every other one of my free site have gone through. Except freepay, Jesus I'm about to go nuts waiting. Then it's not like I can put in a support ticket because it hasn't been 15 day plus I don't which of the 3 offers I did for which of the 3 sites but I have their emails. But come on with that 15 day thing its annoying. give me my Great news! [/colorcb462e8b69]status. twisted


24-01-2006 10:44:04

Oh sheesh.

I had to wait two months for one referral on Ipod Nanos.

She did two offers, one didn't credit, and she tried to get manual credit.

She was denied and had to do another offer.

That also had to be manual creditted, too.

I have had problems, but I don't complain.