Too many yellows?

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24-01-2006 05:38:10

I recently finished getting my last green for PremiumIpods, an endeavor that took some 8 months. Whew! In the process I got 59 yellows. All people who signed up but didnt complete offers. Could this affect my approval?


24-01-2006 06:07:25

I don't think so, unless possibly some of those yellows have matching IP addresses with your greens. But I think you should be ok with all the yellows.


24-01-2006 08:07:34

I had almost 300 yellows, and went in with 10 greens for my digital cameras site and got apporved (2 of the yellows went green in that time though). Im sure you'll be fine.


24-01-2006 11:21:56

Thanks, yup you guys were right. I got approved in just a few hours!


24-01-2006 11:39:41

Ohhh....that gives me hope for a quick approval on my account.


24-01-2006 11:41:44

[quote8e04572924="fashionjunkee"]Thanks, yup you guys were right. I got approved in just a few hours![/quote8e04572924]

nice. congrats!


24-01-2006 12:05:29

Thanks, I mean I submitted for approval at like 530 am PST and by 630 or 7 I was approved! lol

Alien Zulu

24-01-2006 12:18:40

on freepay xbox 360 i had over 200 yellows and got approved in less than a week


24-01-2006 18:34:10

Well I got approved in just a few hours, now its processing. Since this is my frist freebie I'm not sure hwo long it'll take though. Oh well, guess the only thing I can do is wait it out.


24-01-2006 20:15:19

529 yellows 19 greens on Nanos.freepay