Problematic Approval?

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24-01-2006 05:17:08

I'm very close to getting all of my greens (6 yellows 4 greens), but I was wondering about the approval process. I'm confident that the greens I have are all legit and they're from unique users and all that good stuff, but one of my friends screwed up his original sign up which has me concerned. He signed up when I originally sent him my referral link but later forgot his password or some other such nonsense so he went and created a new account via my link using a different (but similar) email address which eventually went green. His original account is still at yellow so it doesn't contribute to my end result 5 greens, but I'm just wondering if they might see that as trying to cheat them even though it was just somebody getting confused and honestly trying to straighten it out. What are the chances of me getting rejected, and if I do can I explain what happened? Obviously this is my first freepay approval, so I'm just worried...thanks


24-01-2006 05:23:53

If you get put on hold. They usually let you make you case via support ticket. You may want to submit one ahead of time.

I had a similar issue and am awaiting responses from this forum here


Keep an eye on that to see if it is against the freebie site ToS.


24-01-2006 08:41:02

I believe Jake mentioned this to a few other people in threads, but if someone signs up and doesn't complete an offer with the account it is fine. They can sign up again and there will be no problem. So since your friend didn't complete anything on the first account, I'm assuming you'll be fine.


24-01-2006 09:07:24

that makes sense and that's what I thought. I'm just worried that they'll feel differently. I've submitted a discussion via freepay and I'll see what that says before submitting. coming this far I'd just hate to ruin it.