Premium iPods approval...

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22-01-2006 21:20:51

Hello to all. lol I was just wondering how long FreePay was taking to approve lately. Anyone requested approval? Any comments would be great. Thanks.


22-01-2006 22:21:46

took about 10 days for approval for me (including a weekend)


22-01-2006 22:29:31

Thanks. Im about to request once I get this final green.


22-01-2006 23:56:41

I guess it depends on if your referalls have referalls and how many sites they're on and such...i had 8 refs (of course) all who had legit greens (nice) but probably 4 or 5 of them were frequent users of freepay, so it took me about 12 calendar days...something like 8 business days...either way, it's free, so it's nothing i could complain about )

I went STV and I'm hoping to hear more this week!


23-01-2006 13:24:28

Good luck!


23-01-2006 14:23:07

I got approved on 1/19, and today it came!


23-01-2006 14:26:05

yeah got mines today too
stilll haven't opened it though
i dunno why
just like looking at it


23-01-2006 19:01:48

OMG that is so good. Yah'll are so lucky ( is jealous . My last referrer completed the BMG offer a few days ago. When I did that offer I got instant credit. Anything I can do to speed up the process. I've been trying at this since May haha. I must admit I kinda forgot about it for like 4 or 5 months only to come across my bookmark and find out that I only needed one more!


24-01-2006 11:04:57

hah I've been at this one since april, I found this site, got my TR up and I'm quickly making up for lost time.