Shopping4Money offer

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21-01-2006 21:39:13

Has anyone done this? It says $1 trial offer, but when you get to the sign up page, it only offers a $5.95 for 1 day trial or a $39.95 for 30 day trial. Where is the $1 offer?


23-01-2006 07:12:51

Be careful, some people have said that this order can cost up to $297.00, so if you aren't interested, I wouldn't pursue it.



23-01-2006 09:50:16

I did it. Took 4 days to credit, and cost me $5.95 (back in the first week of december, so freepay just needs to update their page probably). I joined, looked around for a while, didn't really care for the site and knew I wouldn't make good use of the service, so I cancelled a few hours later since it was just a 1 day trial. No problems for me.