refferal problem

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21-01-2006 13:11:24

hi, i just signed up for freepays nano site, but have not gotten credit for an offer. i got a refferal from someone and they completed if but they didnt show up on my account. does that fact that my credit has not happen affect it. thanks guys


21-01-2006 13:14:37

For starters, I'd contact a mod on how to get your TR back.

To answer question No, it doesn't. I would open a support ticket about your ref not being there.


21-01-2006 13:17:03

yeah i am working on the refferal part. im completing an offer to get it back. what should i say in the ticket


21-01-2006 14:42:15

I signed up someone but I was not listed at his site. I submitted a support ticket and after about 5 days, they fixed it.