InstantCast: Did give me a login id?

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20-01-2006 23:19:26

Hi, I signed up for InstantCast, but I never got my login id or password.

I went to their site and typed my e-mail address in, and told them to send me my login details, but that didn't work either.

It also didn't credit yet (it's only been about a day)

But they did take my $1. And they're planning to take more...

What do I do? Is this a common issue?

I read the other thread on instantcast, but I didn't get much info there about this situatoin (someone named PeachFrost had the same problem)

EDIT never mind, I requested one about 20 times and finally got it.


21-01-2006 10:22:06

It should have came in 24 hours, without the need for a nag. I signed up yesterday and got mine this morning.

As for credit, it sure wasn't instant as I assumed it would be. I still haven't received credit.

Let me know when you do.

BTW, this is actually a pretty sweet website if one is looking for casting jobs. Sure is cheaper than an agent.



22-01-2006 15:49:36

Me and my friends have all done instant cast and it usually takes a day and a half to get credit and for your account to be registered on their computer. But it went green for all of us and we all canceled the service VIA online form. The acting jobs seem kinda shady though.


23-01-2006 09:54:40

It took them over 24 hours to send me a login. Watch out for this one... My trial ended on a Sunday, but no one was there to take the call or email, so when they got in Monday, they cancelled me (in response to my timely requests) and then charged me $65 bucks anyway even though I'd left a message and an email about cancelling within the trial period. Then I had to fax a refund request in, which took over a month to be refunded. They're hard to contact, too.

But, the casting call info they post is kinda interesting. Seems like it needs to be more detailed, but it's kinda fun to read through the site.