Is this a problem??? Will it credit???

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20-01-2006 22:55:18

My friend signed up to someones site and by mistake out of confusion, he used one email for his account and put in a different email address for the offer he completed... Will he still be credited? The offer he completed was the walmart gift card trial one for $.99 for a 7 day trial. What should I tell him to do?



21-01-2006 00:21:21

You might be ok, but that offer is terrible at crediting.


21-01-2006 09:03:21

na u'll be ok they'll verify the ip and all that stuff


21-01-2006 10:23:05

$25 gift card offer took me about 5 days to credit. Email problem should be ok as well.


21-01-2006 10:25:00

I didn't get credit when I did it for FreePay's PS3 site.


21-01-2006 10:28:32

i did this offer for my ipod credit fine in about a week....but that was a while ago so i don't know exactly how long it took


21-01-2006 13:09:08

i just did that offer. should i be worried?


21-01-2006 18:24:18

[quote15b987822d="dragonguy83"]i just did that offer. should i be worried?[/quote15b987822d]

i wouldn't...i worked out fine for me and a lot of other people around here...


21-01-2006 19:17:30

[quote6dfcf3a99b="tylerc"]You might be ok, but that offer is terrible at crediting.[/quote6dfcf3a99b]

surprisingly, that offer was the best in crediting for me so far... toast