Gmail verification problem?

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20-01-2006 17:38:25

Does anyone have problems receiving the verification email to your gmail account? I clicked at least 10 times on sending the verification email on freepay sites.....It's been 2 days and I haven't receive anything from them yet...... I dont' want to manual request email verification on all my freepay sites..... But is that o.k though? Should I ask Jake first?


20-01-2006 18:23:02

It's been lagging for all emails. Just be patient.


20-01-2006 18:40:58

I use my gmail address and had the same problem. It's not gmail, it's just that the emails that freepay sends aren't instant.

It can take anywhere from 10 minutes to 48 hours or so.


20-01-2006 20:22:02

Check your Spam folder just in case.


20-01-2006 20:43:28

hmmm it's been 2 days... I don't know why I still didn't get them.... I checked my spam folder too... didn't see any.... may be i shouldn't use gmail for this. Just that I love the way gmail organize the emails...

Anywayz... I manually ask for the email verification on all the accounts....


21-01-2006 04:51:46

I am not getting any either - I've tried different email accounts too, and checked Junk folder. No dice. -(


21-01-2006 05:00:30

I was having trouble with my yahoo account. I just clicked the send email link like 3 or 4 times in a row. After 3 days of trying I finally got 4 emails from freepay. All of them were in my junk mail folder. Just keep trying.


21-01-2006 15:07:14

its better if u just go 4 the manul activation or somthing


21-01-2006 15:35:58

I don't get mail from a lot of sites either, signed up on 6 freepay sites and only 3 send email to me.


21-01-2006 21:57:20

I'll give you a little tip regarding activation problems
Make sure you're logged in to the freepay site
1. Click Help
2. Under FAQ/Help, Click "My issue is about my current account status."
3. Click "My email address has not been VERIFIED."
4. Type a brief message into the box; as a matter of fact, type ANYTHING
5. Hit Send
6. Logout and then log back in
7. Goto 'Account' on the top right and you'll be magically verified! No waiting or hassle! The support ticket automatically closes and you're instantly verified.


21-01-2006 22:35:15

Thanks Rob.


22-01-2006 19:44:41

thanks rob.... I have been doing that... but I was just worried that freepay might think my email address is not valid that's why I have to use the manual verification..... will they think like that though? or I just worried too much?