quickie premiumipods.freepay question

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20-01-2006 15:30:50

Is premiumipods.freepay.com considered the same as the old freephotoipods.com site (meaning you can't do both)?

I already got my photo ipod from gratis, but I don't have a cool video ipod yet.


20-01-2006 15:48:33

you missed out then unfortunatly it's the same site and you've already completed it

try trainn maybe

im paying for my last ref if you wish to do it


20-01-2006 18:43:21

I figured as much. Thanks. I'll probably setting for an OC 30GB video.

I haven't ventured out past OC and gratis/freepay yet )


20-01-2006 20:45:13

[quotee86a41c579="Rodney"]I haven't ventured out past OC and gratis/freepay yet )[/quotee86a41c579]

Well you should. Trainn credits as quickly as they post that they do (much unlike freepay, from my experience) and they have excellent customer support that gets back to you quickly. Also they don't have OOD's (like OC does) and it doesn't say in their terms of conditions that they reserve the right to give you refurbished bullshit (like freepay)


21-01-2006 00:22:39

Trainn is also Grade A at A4F.