Im having a problem!

Live forum:


19-01-2006 19:22:31

I did multiple offers for people, and people have also done some for me, but nothing is showing up!! Not even me or them going yellow, nothing! Ive done efax, poker, etc and it still hasent posted... Whats going on?


19-01-2006 19:28:49

If you don't see the persons email in your "pending" list of people you referred, then it sounds like they didn't get tracked to the proper referral ID when signing up (something you should check before doing an offer).


19-01-2006 19:32:18

but even so i still did an offer, wouldnt it still show up as completed? It hasent.. it was the right link.. this is going on with multiple people on freepay


21-01-2006 23:18:42

you need to have cookies enabeled, because if u don't I heard you might not get credit.


22-01-2006 09:03:00

Did you approximately wait for about 15 days?