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unknown uchiha

19-01-2006 14:51:46

I enter my email address, it redirects back to the "Complete an offer!" page on PremiumIpods.Freepay

Anyone else have the same issue?

And how long does crediting take? I went to without clicking the link so I could complete the offer and stuff.


19-01-2006 14:53:46

This is a really good offer, took less than a week. I don't remember exactly.
EDIT I remember, it took me 3 days because I accidentally signed up under a different email than what I signed up for under PS34free.


19-01-2006 15:40:23

Took me less than 12 hours to credit at Trainn's PS3 site.


19-01-2006 17:31:27

I just completed this offer recently and they credited me instantly. I confirmed it with the person who gave me the link as well. The site was digitalcameras.freepay


19-01-2006 18:05:30

I'm still waiting 7 days later. Did it on Trainn.


19-01-2006 19:04:42

took me 3 hours on the trainns site


19-01-2006 19:05:33

how much does this cost/what are the requirements? thanx


19-01-2006 19:11:50

its free they charge a $1 pending fee but you get that back, just credit card and 18 years old


19-01-2006 19:15:15

do you have to stay a member and all that?...i don't really care if an offer cost me $1...but is there like a monthly fee after a trial period or anything like that?


20-01-2006 10:15:12

As soon as I completed this offer, I get an email from freepay giving me credit for it. This offer credits instantly. yey!


20-01-2006 10:25:56

Completed it last night and no credit yet...


20-01-2006 10:31:18

[quote4b8f43aa72="supersponger1979"]Completed it last night and no credit yet...[/quote4b8f43aa72]
i finished this offer last night as well....except i just got credit this mourning o .....


20-01-2006 11:44:56

Credit in less then a day too )


20-01-2006 12:04:52

I keep trying to do this one but won't let me sign up without calling their 1800 number first ?


20-01-2006 14:08:33


Did 2 minutes ago and instantly credited


20-01-2006 14:15:22

Hmm, I am having a problem here. When I fill out the first page and hit "Continue," it just brings me back to freepay's site and the list of offers. Anyone know whats going on here?


20-01-2006 14:30:23

gotta be something with your browser as i just did it 15minutes ago and had no problems


20-01-2006 14:32:33

[quote6124b73f64="ffactoryxx"]gotta be something with your browser as i just did it 15minutes ago and had no problems[/quote6124b73f64]

Well, Im using Internet Explorer and havent run into any problems up until now with completing offers. Do you have any ideas as to what I could do to fix this? (i.e. a setting that needs changing, etc)


20-01-2006 15:22:09

I did this offer for a Trainn site, it's great.


22-01-2006 15:03:27

Had the same problem it takes me right back to the offers page!


22-01-2006 19:46:54

I think it's probably because of ie. When I use ie to complet this offer, I got sent back to the freepay site everytime I clicked Continue. But when I use firefox.... I got credit instantly. 3 of my friends who did this offer with firefox also got credit instantly.


23-01-2006 11:13:51

put 200 offers up there just like this one. Nice!!!! instant credit and you might just get a little too!


23-01-2006 15:37:24

Just finished this offer, no credit yet....last freepay offer i did, had to request manual credit, hopefully this credits fast


23-01-2006 16:14:50

keep us updated, manofice


23-01-2006 22:16:51

[quote01aac018e3="manofice"]Just finished this offer, no credit yet....last freepay offer i did, had to request manual credit, hopefully this credits fast[/quote01aac018e3]

i just did this for i hope it credits soon i will keep everyone posted thankss


24-01-2006 06:08:41

For trainn this offer took me about 2 days.

Freepay may be different though


24-01-2006 06:44:05

The problem was definitly internet explorer. I downloaded firefox and did the offer just fine. I will also let everyone know when I get credit.


24-01-2006 07:10:48

i just did the true offer at premiumipods.freepay using firefox and received credit instantly.


24-01-2006 09:00:56

I did the offer yesterday using firefox and get credit just now-less than a day. Great offer!!


24-01-2006 10:23:49

i did the offer yesterday night in Internet Explorer I will check if i got credit when i get home because right now im at school. hopefully it credited i have 12 out of 10 referrals for


24-01-2006 13:40:56

please keep us posted, tsang... manofice didn't (


24-01-2006 17:34:29

still no credit i made sure wit my internet exploer it was set on accept all cookies.... now if it doesnt credit soon im have wait for the 15 days bs thing im legitamely interested in the offer it says it would credit so its bs .... freepay sites for me havent been crediting i would have to request credit every damm time


25-01-2006 12:33:21

how about now? i really want to do this offer, but if it isn't crediting consistently... it'd be a shame to waste the time


25-01-2006 13:27:09

no credit yet i think im do another offer cuz i want my digitail camera


25-01-2006 22:26:09

It's been 2 days and i havent received credit for it ... on the trainn site.


26-01-2006 00:52:23

Just completed it about an hour ago for Trainn PS3, didn't have any problems with IE, and haven't received credit yet. It says next day usually so that's cool


26-01-2006 11:21:15

it stipulates before you sign up that you can't be married and must be over 18. No dice for us married wife would flip if she saw that on our credit statement!


26-01-2006 15:50:19

still no credit


26-01-2006 16:33:51

damn... thanks, keep us posted


27-01-2006 00:01:23

no credit im interested in this offer still got no credit since my last post taking a long time i guess im have to wait the 15 days or do another offer that may interest me