STV - Processing?

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19-01-2006 12:37:41

Hey guys I know this is a fairly simple question, but help me out for a moment )

I've just completed my first FreePay program (FreePSPs) and so far it's gone like this.

Approved >> Processing >> Now it Says STV. Once STV completes will I recieve a tracking number or such, or will my item just show up one day?

Thanks )


19-01-2006 12:40:03

sometimes you receive a tracking number and sometimes the gift is at your doorstep by the time they update your status on the site as "shipped" )


19-01-2006 13:01:27

Okay thanks for the help )


19-01-2006 13:14:23

Yeah, most likely you'll get the item before it says shipped.


19-01-2006 13:41:27

You can try to use the DHL trick to track your item if it was shipped already.


20-01-2006 07:15:56

SHIPPED, Wow that was fast I got my final referral on Tuesday and shipped by Friday )