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18-01-2006 12:29:13

Check it out, but I don't see anything I like...booo...


18-01-2006 13:58:22

What do they have so far? (Haven't signed up for this site... yet)


18-01-2006 14:02:59

You can see them at the bottom of the page.


18-01-2006 14:22:44

[quote7fd721c1c3="Amc5kidz"]Check it out, but I don't see anything I like...booo...[/quote7fd721c1c3]

Boo exactly. The 2005 and 2001 can be found for decent prices. Did FP and dell have a falling out or something. I would have given a lil extra for a 2005. has the 2001 AND 2005 for 7 refs, but I don't know anything about them yet. I'm new to all this 'free' scene, but I'd definitely choose 7 refs for a 2005 over any 19"


18-01-2006 14:27:57

Damn, I was hoping they would update the tvs, b/c the sony is only $370 at bestbuy.


18-01-2006 14:29:43



18-01-2006 14:34:11

THe site is 10 refs.


18-01-2006 14:34:57

Since when?


18-01-2006 14:36:05

[quoteb69c03eef5="Aprout"]THe site is 10 refs.[/quoteb69c03eef5]

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18-01-2006 14:39:08

That's what it was when I did it too.


18-01-2006 14:46:46

Hmmmm I guess I'm pretty much an idiot. I dont know how I thought it was 10.


18-01-2006 16:24:43

Which do you think is the best one? And are they all priced the same in the market?


18-01-2006 16:26:57

Which do you think is the best one? And are they all priced the same in the market?


18-01-2006 16:28:12

between lcd tvs


18-01-2006 16:38:59

i like either of the lcd/tvs