Erratic Nano Shipments

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18-01-2006 11:10:48

Ok this might sound stupid but why do I keep seeing brag posts from people who have received a nano from freepay?

Yet they all were approved long after me. Don't you ship in the order of the order #?
Look at this post


How can somebody have been approved on the 7th of January and already have their Nano?

While I have been approved since before December and sent to vendor on Dec 5th.

Isn't that a little backwards?

I have been approved for almost 2 months now.

Argh venting.....


18-01-2006 12:04:51

If it's STV then it's out of freepay's hands. They use different vendors based on location so blame whoever is supposed to ship to your town. shrug

Sucks though.


18-01-2006 12:40:30

I'm guessing that the color has something to do with it. I ordered white, and am still Processing, whereas the person who posted in that thread ordered black and received his.

Regardless, and more importantly, Jake posted this morning that pending Nanos would be shipped soon.


18-01-2006 12:46:33

Nope ordered black