Warranty on freepay products?

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17-01-2006 22:41:29

What's the warranty on freepay products? In specific the acer laptop from pcs.freepay.com

I've had it for like 4 days, and there's already a dead pixel that's driving me crazy.


17-01-2006 23:26:32

Warranties will not cover a single dead pixel.


17-01-2006 23:36:02

It's seriously driving me mad.. I can't believe I had one, and it's not like in the corner, it's rightish center.


17-01-2006 23:56:10

I thought only the manufacturer offered a warranty?

Still, if it came out of the box that way, then you'd have a case with Gratis.


17-01-2006 23:57:25

Yeah which is why I was asking.. what kind of warranty do we have on the items that freepay orders.


18-01-2006 06:45:20

Most places won't cover one. I think dell requires 8 to cover it.