Shopping4Money: $1 offer NOT $1

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17-01-2006 14:28:30

[quote6aa633f9ea="FreePay Site"]Sign up for a $1 trial membership with Shopping4Money. You will receive credit with in 2-3 days! [/quote6aa633f9ea]

[quote6aa633f9ea="Their Site"]Membership Options Trial Membership $5.95 / 1 Day 1 Month $39.95 / Month

Could we get this corrected? I ended up doing a different offer because of this.


17-01-2006 14:45:57

Found another one

[quote7d0449e2a1]OutGamed (freepay)
User must sign up for a $1 Trial Membership to begin to start playing online games. You will receive credit back within 2-3 days.

[quote7d0449e2a1]Membership Options Trial Membership $5.95 / 1 Day 1 Month $39.95 / Month


17-01-2006 14:50:29

its been like that for a LLOONNNGGG time.


16-02-2006 10:08:59

then shouldn't it be updated on the freepay descriptions?


16-02-2006 10:10:14

They should but im not complaining, its only 4 more dollars.


16-02-2006 10:14:42

Yeah, that happens with a lot of offers. They'll update it.