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17-01-2006 11:50:11

alright....i signed up under a ref for Aurelius at the giftcards site....first off, it said that i still need to verify my account and so i sent out for an verification email and all it sent me was an email that said my account was created and i was all ready....but the notification still comes up that says i need to verify my account x i must have pushed the button at least ten times trying to get it to send me another one....but nothing comes in my inbox.....i already completed an offer...the wal-mart giftcard offer.....and it still hasnt registered after 3 days of waiting ? im wondering if i have to verify my account before i even sign up for an offer or if i have to verify it before it will register that i signed up......also is there a way to force my verification or if the representative of freepay can address this issue...



17-01-2006 14:17:14

Dude, be patient.

You can setup a request to verify your account under the help section. It should verify you immediately.

If you do it with the e-mail way, you have to be patient man.


17-01-2006 14:23:37

Don't worry, I sent verification emails for several sites this weekend. Mostly on Saturday and I just got them right now. I think they're lagging a little bit right now.


17-01-2006 18:10:30

o alright.....but i didnt mean to sound like im getting impatient because i was just wondering if there is anything wrong with my account or if i did something wrong wink .......thx for yalls help....
i just checked and i had like 6 verify emails in my inbox so everything went through now D .....i wasnt sure cus most sites i go to send out emails immediately.....also i was wondering if i have to complete these things in order or does it not matter that i completed the offer before i verified??


31-01-2006 17:24:51

wait, how long did it take, kuz i just got approved and want to order, but the e-mail won't get here!


31-01-2006 17:29:38

Submit a ticket, log out, log back in.


31-01-2006 18:15:15

Submit a ticket, log out, log back in.[/quotef9d3c33428]

dammm + karma! wink