Anyone recently get approved for a nano or macmini?

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17-01-2006 08:23:52

Through Freepay? I am about to request approval for both sites and was curious how long they are taking for approval and then to ship?
A few people had posted they got approved in an hour but that was a few weeks ago, not sure if they will still be that quick )


17-01-2006 11:48:50

I requested nano today at 10am. it's now 1248pm nothing so far.


17-01-2006 11:57:04

I requested approval on minimacs yesterday and was approved today. )


17-01-2006 12:27:25

Check my sig for details about my nano approval. Got approved in about 2-3 hours.


17-01-2006 12:33:29

Requested Nano shipment on the 5th, still waiting. (


17-01-2006 12:34:32

wow thats quick, freepay has gotten nicce


17-01-2006 14:21:19

I just requested approval for Ipod Nanos one hour ago.

I hope it all goes well.


17-01-2006 14:40:29

I requested approval at the end of Dec and I just got it yesterday. Pic in the brag section.


17-01-2006 16:51:54

no change for me today, so I guess the one hour approvals aren't happening anymore, bummer. I will update when I get approved and when it ships. Hopefully it won't take months like some people say.


17-01-2006 18:19:06

I, like Flip21, have been processing since the 5th...I wonder when I will finally get it?


17-01-2006 19:15:31

Got approved on MacMinis in one day, still processing from the 10th though. (


17-01-2006 19:27:49

[quotef85bbf701b="WoRdUp48"]I, like Flip21, have been processing since the 5th...I wonder when I will finally get it?[/quotef85bbf701b]

Black or white? Maybe the color has something to do with it, as I know someone who chose black had theirs shipped on the 7th and it arrived today. I chose white.


17-01-2006 20:23:26

I chose black, so we will see.


18-01-2006 08:11:14

I have been sent to vendor since Dec 7th. ARGH


18-01-2006 08:15:56

All of the outstanding Nanos orders will be fulfilled very soon.


18-01-2006 15:10:33

[quote97fb99fdf7="ch3d"]I requested nano today at 10am. it's now 1248pm nothing so far.[/quote97fb99fdf7]

Just approved!! Good Job Freepay.


18-01-2006 16:09:54

Thanks for the info Jake!

I got approved today. That was really fast!

Freepay is giving a 5 star experience for my first freebie.

Thank you so much!


18-01-2006 16:34:51

I was approved today ) that was nice and quick. Question for Jake though, on the order page it says due to high demand for the nano's it will be 4-6 weeks, is it still that long??? There shouldn't be a backorder for nano's anymore.


19-01-2006 06:29:20

[quote951e4eb9e6]on the order page it says due to high demand for the nano's it will be 4-6 weeks, [/quote951e4eb9e6]

my order page doesn't say that.


19-01-2006 06:30:30

Mine did.

I'm suspecting it says that for every order.


19-01-2006 07:04:43

I must be looking at the wrong page. I click order's not there. I click on the order # .... it's not there. is that where you guys seeing it?


19-01-2006 09:53:10

It showed that when you were choosing the color for your Ipod Nano.


19-01-2006 12:28:50

Mine said 2-3 weeks, but I ordered on the 5th.


20-01-2006 11:10:00

Jake, you said the nanos would be fufilled sometime soon, do you think this will be next week sometime?


20-01-2006 13:16:30

I got a nano in the mail today. I thought "Holy Sh!li freepay." But it was from . lol

did anyone here ever sign up for that? It was a joke. You have to spend $300 dollars at one of their stores. I signed up months ago. I didn't spend a dime... I don't know what happened. I ain't gonna bitch.


22-01-2006 17:19:29

Hmm.... anyone have an idea if the orders will go through this week?

Sorry to sound impatient. This is my first freebie.


23-01-2006 08:37:38

any info from Jake?


23-01-2006 09:43:16

I submitted for approval for a nano on 1/10 and got approved within an hour or two. So I've been processing since the 10th, when I ordered the white one. I also got that 4-6 week delay message when ordering the nano, but hopefully it won't be that long. The message from Jake about the orders being fulfilled very soon is very promising though. ) I can't wait to get my first freebie!


23-01-2006 09:44:55

this week i bet.


23-01-2006 15:33:33

I got my mac mini today. D


23-01-2006 15:51:37

[quote4a2625cb8c="compuguru"]I got my mac mini today. D[/quote4a2625cb8c]

Yeah me too I'm on it right now, its pretty sweet )


23-01-2006 17:04:33

[quotedd1d5d7401="ragefu"][quotedd1d5d7401="compuguru"]I got my mac mini today. D[/quotedd1d5d7401]

Yeah me too I'm on it right now, its pretty sweet )[/quotedd1d5d7401]

How long were you guys processing for?


23-01-2006 18:57:18

Since the 10th, went STV on Thursday/Friday


23-01-2006 21:20:55

[quote5b570f4a2d="ch3d"]I got a nano in the mail today. I thought "Holy Sh!li freepay." But it was from . lol

did anyone here ever sign up for that? It was a joke. You have to spend $300 dollars at one of their stores. I signed up months ago. I didn't spend a dime... I don't know what happened. I ain't gonna bitch.[/quote5b570f4a2d]

I wouldnt either lol lol


25-01-2006 06:54:40

Still processing like a MF !


25-01-2006 08:09:24

me too still processing. jake what did you mean by very soon? any times you can give us?


25-01-2006 15:52:54

We probably have to wait until Friday. Patience rewards.


25-01-2006 18:13:37

Im waiting on my premi to process. Its my first freebie so I'm very anxious!


26-01-2006 07:53:01

Just went stv for minimacs. Was processing from the 18th to this morning.


26-01-2006 09:30:54

STV on Nanos as of today.


26-01-2006 09:50:20

Mine still says Processing.

I'll see what's up later today.


26-01-2006 13:17:44

Began processing for nano on 1/10 and just went to STV today, too. Rock on.


26-01-2006 13:31:59

still processing / grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!


26-01-2006 15:15:24

me too, still processing, maybe tomorrow


26-01-2006 16:43:55

Still Processing. Keep waiting.


27-01-2006 06:39:19

[quote1f00893856]Sent to Vendor, Waiting on Product[/quote1f00893856]



27-01-2006 08:01:41

Sent to Vendor, Waiting on Product this morning ) hopefully i am closer to getting the nano now.


27-01-2006 09:07:12

Same. Sent to Vendor. Waiting on Product.

[quote7ed2fc7db0="SonicPower"]We probably have to wait until Friday. Patience rewards.[/quote7ed2fc7db0]

Haha! Look who called it! )


27-01-2006 09:07:47

Woo-hoo!!!! Shipped as of today, Friday 1/27!!! Come on, nano!


27-01-2006 09:30:38

So... how long is it until we receive our Ipod Nanos?


27-01-2006 11:18:53

I'm hoping mine just happens to be waiting for me when I get there, but it probably won't be. I hope it takes less than a week either way...


27-01-2006 12:43:18

Strange... I saw a DHL man park his car outside my dorm.

Apparently, the delivery guy walked back to his car, and I was asking if he had a package for my dorm.

He said it was already delivered, but I can't find it. I'm probably overreacting though.

Hmm... I did warn to Freepay that DHL doesn't know how to handle deliveries at my school, and I requested if I could use a different shipping provider. That was denied.

I'll see what happens next week.


30-01-2006 07:09:35

[quote7a6a7b76c6="ch3d"][quote7a6a7b76c6]Sent to Vendor, Waiting on Product[/quote7a6a7b76c6]


still STV so far this morn.

.......until I hit refresh. Now it's shipped!!!!!!!!!!! Freepay is the Shizzle ma Nizzle!!!!


30-01-2006 07:58:01

mine is shipped also ) now I just need my last macmini to finally green so I can request approval on that


30-01-2006 07:59:50


Awesome! DHL delivers these Ipod Nanos?


30-01-2006 14:44:19

product in hand


30-01-2006 14:58:37

Same. I got it this morning!

My first freebie, and it's rocking!


31-01-2006 09:05:11

How long was approval for you guys?



31-01-2006 09:11:54

I requested approval yesterday and received approval yesterday too.

Now I ordered last night.


31-01-2006 09:37:30

It's now STV - when will it ship you think?


31-01-2006 10:00:23

I also requested approval yesterday and was able to order 30 mins later. The way they're going maybe it'll ship today.


31-01-2006 10:15:19

Okay, thanks guys. I requested approval last night and I am still not approved, but I didn't know if it was a few days or a few weeks. From reading the posts, it seems that approval/STV/processing has been sped up significantly since December. Way to go Freepay...



31-01-2006 12:17:44

Why in the hell cant they do the Premis tht fast. Im so jealous. I requested approval on the 24th and got approved on the same day. I've been processing since.


31-01-2006 14:04:00

One week processing. 2 days STV. 1 day shipped. Received today. WOOT!!!


31-01-2006 17:22:23

Finally got my last green on the mini site, anyone else request approval on that one recently? A few weeks back people were saying it only took a day hopefully they are still that quick.


01-02-2006 08:13:12

submitted for aproval on minimacs yesterday around 530 approved this morning already )


01-02-2006 09:33:29

approval and processing were quick for me for minimacs, but I've been stv for a little over a week now.


01-02-2006 17:23:25

anyone else out there get a macmini recently?


03-02-2006 11:55:03

kposse how long were you in processing?


03-02-2006 11:58:00

[quote6b7ad1f81b="stagim"]kposse how long were you in processing?[/quote6b7ad1f81b]

I was processing from 1/18 to 1/26. Been STV ever since...


06-02-2006 09:49:17

Anyone else get a mini recently? i have been processing since the 1st just want to find out how much longer I might have.


08-02-2006 07:59:47

day 7 and still processing (


08-02-2006 08:09:02

[quote5cdf0d6efa="stagim"]day 7 and still processing ([/quote5cdf0d6efa]

Looks like we could be waiting a while. Just heard from Jake that they are waiting on a shipment from Apple...


08-02-2006 08:52:54

Bummer, at least apple has a good supply of these I think. it's not like t he nanos a few months ago, so hopefully they will be able to ship them to freepay quick.


10-02-2006 07:05:21

day 9 still processing, hopefully it will be done soon now )


10-02-2006 21:35:26

mac mini has been processing for like 2 weeks now


11-02-2006 11:08:32

[quote5ac9d20804="timmerk"]mac mini has been processing for like 2 weeks now[/quote5ac9d20804]

I've been STV since the 26th or 27th.


11-02-2006 11:30:35

i requested appoval for nanos on dec. 19th - I had 11 greens. didn't get approved until Jan. 4th.....however processing/stv/shipped was quick, recieved it like the 15th

my giftcards.freepay acct got approved within hours


12-02-2006 20:04:30

Jake, you think you will have any macminis shipped this week?


15-02-2006 06:29:25

I requested approval yesterday...I hope i get approved in one day like you guys!!


15-02-2006 07:05:30

day 15 and still processing for minimacs


15-02-2006 07:34:01

[quotecfa8b725dc="stagim"]Jake, you think you will have any macminis shipped this week?[/quotecfa8b725dc]

Doubt it.


15-02-2006 16:53:02

yea, jake said he dosn't know when they will be in so it looks like we all will be waiting for awhile


16-02-2006 08:06:44

16 days and still counting. I think by the time i get my macmini they will have a new version out


16-02-2006 10:20:39

I waited about 3 months for my mini b/c they where infact coming out with another version....WELL WORTH THE WAIT!!!!


17-02-2006 07:38:06

hopefully it will be soon, waiting 3 weeks I think is pretty ridicoulous for them just to get shipments in


17-02-2006 09:41:32

On the nano front...I got approved for my ipod nano today. Not bad, I requested approval tuesday.

Did anyone else get approved today?


17-02-2006 10:18:05

[quote46e9c5b859="stagim"]hopefully it will be soon, waiting 3 weeks I think is pretty ridicoulous for them just to get shipments in[/quote46e9c5b859]
I knwo Ive been waiting on the Premis that long too. Well since Jan. 24. cry


19-02-2006 09:45:46

I am also going to get my last green hopefully in the next few days for the shuffle site and psp site and hope those don't take as long as the mini, anyone get one of those recently?


20-02-2006 23:23:26

jake, any updates on when you are getting some of these in?


21-02-2006 11:47:24

Are we waiting for the new mac mini??


Please, please, please!

j/k I know it's a shipment issue, but I dare to dream.


21-02-2006 22:42:42

I hope they don't come out with a new mini before we get ours from freepay, unless freepay upgrades us )


27-02-2006 07:04:25

ANy updates on when the macmini might be shipped out, it has almost been a month?


01-03-2006 21:39:36

Jake, since you guys now are making us complete our part of the deal in 90 days are you going to do anything like have products shipped out in a reasonable time? I have been approved for the macminis for over a month now.


03-03-2006 07:28:23

Jake, any news on when the macminis will be shipped?