Does shipped really mean shipped?

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16-01-2006 16:59:07

On I picked the Cyberpower and went straight from Processing to "SHIPPED"...but no tracking number, anything. I can't contact Cyberpower about it because I need an order number, and there isn't a tracking number.

I went shipped on 1/4/2006 - Still nothing but my shirt/clock

What should I do, and when should I expect my computer??

Thanks guys )


16-01-2006 22:10:06

hey at least u got a shirt/clock (


16-01-2006 23:12:17

shipped prolly ujst means they submit the order

itll take a while to build


17-01-2006 05:05:10

I like how I've already received my premium and i'm still STV.


17-01-2006 09:45:15

That's what i'm hoping - it was just sent to Cyberpower (the order)

any confirmation of this?!