FreeiPodShuffles=Approved in 1 day!!!

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16-01-2006 10:05:34

Just requested approval...hopefully its fast like everyone says roll
w00t approved wink


16-01-2006 10:07:57

[quote0036d5a2f4="dudelovesFinch1035"]Just requested approval...hopefully its fast like everyone says roll[/quote0036d5a2f4]

I did it around christmas time and I think it was about 6 business days from approval to being at my door.


16-01-2006 11:48:19

im processing


17-01-2006 10:59:18

Approved )


17-01-2006 11:04:55

You guys are lucky getting your approvals so quickly. I thought my digicams would go quickly too but it's been 4, 5 biz days.


17-01-2006 11:11:36

I'm on 5 weeks for digital camera (((


17-01-2006 11:19:36

Just for account approval???


17-01-2006 11:21:22

congrats dude. i just requested approval today. hopefully mine goes as fast as your's.


17-01-2006 11:51:26

must be nice. my shuffle ordeal has been a nightmare.

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17-01-2006 14:40:25

wow!!! same day approval for me too!

(i'll have to update the signature image, make it smaller since the sites are adding up.)


17-01-2006 15:14:55

[quote65e8cd10e2="dudelovesFinch1035"]I'm on 5 weeks for digital camera ((([/quote65e8cd10e2]

crap. i dont like the sound of that. im awaitng approval on digitcams too.
what cameras are available to you? I can get

Canon PowerShot SD400 Digital Elph
http//[" alt=""/img65e8cd10e2]

Kodak EasyShare V530
[img="65e8cd10e2]http//[" alt=""/img65e8cd10e2]

Nikon CoolPix 7600
[img="65e8cd10e2]http//[" alt=""/img65e8cd10e2]

Samsung Digimax V700
[img="65e8cd10e2]http//[" alt=""/img65e8cd10e2]

Sony Cybershot DSC-P200
[img="65e8cd10e2]http//[" alt=""/img65e8cd10e2]

if u like on of mine that u cant get, i would be willing to trade wink


17-01-2006 18:38:53

So what's with the disparity in the approval times between the sites? Some supposedly take a day or less while some take 5 weeks+?