Really bad crediting lately it seems...

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16-01-2006 09:41:37

It seems like Freepay has been really slow at crediting offers... At least for me they have. I have had 3 people do Premium iPods under me and they all did their offers and it's been over about 3 weeks and none of them have gotten credit yet and they submitted for credit a while back.

This morning I had someone do RealRhapsody on the PS3 site and I didn't even expect him to green instantly, and I was right... He hasn't greened yet. I'm probably gonna have to wait 2 weeks for him to submit for manual credit.

Anyone else having trouble?


16-01-2006 09:48:52

i had 11 refs do offers on premium ipods. 9 turned green and eventually one turned grey. I had at least 13 people do offers on ps3s.freepay. 10 got credit. Im currently waiting for 2 refs on pcs.


16-01-2006 10:01:41

On pcs.freepay I got all of my refs that greened within 1 day.

Out of 13 people who did an offer, 10 got credit. 0 DQs


16-01-2006 13:05:16

Well what do ya know.....

8 people are having problems and 2 aren't so far. Good to see I'm not the only one.


16-01-2006 13:17:33

Its been hit and miss but I don't know if I trust people doing offers always ?


16-01-2006 14:45:37

I had 2 refs do offers over 2 weeks ago for They each did offers that said instant or 2-3 days. I don't understand why it sometimes "doesn't go through". These guys are pretty computer/website savvy so I highly doubt it is due to incompetence regarding web browsers/cookies/etc.



16-01-2006 14:47:17

I make sure i tell them to make sure it says they are being referred by me. And to make sure their cookies are fully enabled. I sometimes ask for an email verification also from the offer. So I know they did the offer and just in case they delete the email and have to submit for manual credit.


16-01-2006 15:30:41

Yeah, I tell my refs pretty much everything there is to know too...

Somehow I just always get the miss in the hit or miss.