TShirt with PCS.Freepay?

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13-01-2006 15:41:22

Will a shirt or clock or anything like that come from Freepay if I did PCS.Freepay.com? It didn't come with the computer and I was just wondering.


13-01-2006 20:08:30

I had to order a shirt size.


13-01-2006 20:47:18

I put my shirt size too but didn't recieve one..


13-01-2006 22:00:46

same here


13-01-2006 23:21:59

lol that sucks, they ask u for a shirt size and get ur hopes up, then you dont even get one? lol


15-01-2006 21:04:29

oh well. i hope i get one, but even if not, i got a acer aspire 3003lciP


15-01-2006 21:19:33

Yeah,and thats what counts )


16-01-2006 09:09:45

I have a few shirts if someone wants to trade for a pen and a clock. The shirts are XL, I think I have 2 black and one white. I can confirm amount color and sizes tonight.


16-01-2006 16:55:14

I got my shirt with my Cyberpower....but still no computer, just shirt/clock lol


16-01-2006 17:27:46

i better get some more freepay gadgets with my computer, this desktoppcs site is pretty hard to complete!(either that or freepay update the site with better computers, which they should do)


16-01-2006 18:03:28

aw you got a shirt before computer, i havent gotten shirt so that prolly means i wont


16-01-2006 18:36:25

I'll sell you a shirt that I think I'm going to be getting from either laptops.freepay or giftcards.freepay if interested.


16-01-2006 18:46:39

O why would i pay for a shirt.. i bet if i send in a CS ticket ill get one


16-01-2006 18:49:26

I figured since you pay for all these donations you would pay for a shirt.


16-01-2006 19:02:29

shrug why would i pay for something that i can get for free?