which site is better

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12-01-2006 16:37:12

freepay or trainn
and can you be registerd at both


12-01-2006 16:40:03

You can be registered for both, yes.


12-01-2006 16:57:42

Putting this in the Freepay forum isn't exactly the best idea to get a voting on that.


12-01-2006 17:03:51

I think they are both really good.


12-01-2006 22:30:48

Well if you're going for an iPod I highly suggest doing a Trainn site since they have two sites where you can get a 30gb video ipod (flashipods4free & yourfreevideoipods) whereas Freepay only has one (Ipods.Freepay) and most everyone on this forum has already signed up for Ipods.Freepay. Before anyone else mentions it Freepay also has another site dedicated to 60gb Video Ipods (PremiumIpods.Freepay) although that site as well has been completed by a great number of forum members.

If you're going for an Xbox 360 either network is probably fair game since both are pretty backed up on processing orders.

Other than that it's really a personal preference as to what type of gift you wish to receive. Both networks have more than proven themselves so you won't be getting scammed by either.

I'd take a look at each network's list of free gift sites and decide what free gift will give you the most satisfaction for your efforts
Trainn's sites[=http//www.trainn.org/sites.php]Trainn's sites
Freepay's sites[=http//www.freepay.com/]Freepay's sites

Also, before you sign up for any sites try to find someone in the trading forum who will pay you to sign up under them. Most people pay anywhere from $25-$30 Paypal for you to green under them and that money may come in handy later when you're dying to get one last referral and have no other sites to offer up for trade.