Quick manual crediting

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12-01-2006 14:17:49

Credit didn't go through for my RealArcade offer on PS3 and today was 15 days so I requested manual credit. It went through in under an hour so FreePay is definately keeping on top of the manual crediting.


12-01-2006 14:20:13

Your avatar always scares me! Who is that???


12-01-2006 16:26:24

haha, that's brian peppers. If he scares you as a child you should see him as an adult ([bf6dbaf4df2]warning, a bit gross[/bf6dbaf4df2])

P.S. Arrested Development is by far my favorite TV show, I own seasons 1 and 2


13-01-2006 11:45:21

You warned me, but I still clicked it. Why??????! Ugh... shock


13-01-2006 12:10:46

woah wats wrong with that freaky dude?


13-01-2006 12:33:45

Who the heck is Brian Peppers??!?!!?? You??!?! I think you should have a more alarming warning (use the largest font size, omg!). I clicked on the link and almost flipped my table!!

Anyways, tell us about the errr...man...in your avatar.


13-01-2006 13:06:13

From the snopes article I linked

A photo of an alleged sex offender named "Brian Peppers" surfaced in my office today. The picture was obtained from the ohio sex offender website.

Origins Many readers have indeed been asking whether the above-displayed photograph, which accompanies an entry in Ohio's Electronic Sex Offender Registration and Notification (eSORN) system, is for real. According to the eSORN entry, the picture depicts one Brian Peppers, registered due to a conviction for "Gross Sexual Imposition" in Lucas County, Ohio.

Most readers are of the opinion that the image is a fake (possibly a picture of some type of mannequin or a digitally manipulated photograph), and that the entry in eSORN is an erroneous one (possible a mistake, an inside joke, or a hacking prank).

Points in favor of the argument that this in fact a real photograph are

li We contacted the Ohio Attorney General's office, who told us "This is an accurate photo of this offender."

li The same Brian Peppers appears on a list of registered sex offenders in Lucas County.

li A record exists for court proceedings related to cases involving a person named Brian J. Peppers charged with two counts of Gross Sexual Imposition.

li The unusual appearance of the individual pictured could be due to a condition such as Apert's Syndrome or Crouzon's Syndrome.

Anyway I used it as my AIM avatar to creep my friends out and it was the only avatar I had on my comp when registering here so I stuck it in there. haha sorry if it starteled you.


13-01-2006 15:15:00

But I still don't understand how he is registered as a sex offender. What did he do more specifically?


13-01-2006 16:11:27



Gaahh I'm going to have nightmares now.


13-01-2006 16:41:39

His life story makes me shed tears. I wonder why some people still marry their own family members. It's just WRONG.